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  • Kuranda Vs Cape Tribulation Which is Better? What Can I See?
    This is a common question often you want to know which one is better, the truth is both locations are beautiful and you should visit both. If you are short on time and you have to choose. Read the full article here -  Kuranda Vs Cape Tribulation.


  • Outer Reef Pontoons & Semi-Submarine Day Trips - How To Choose?
    This is a great question, the best way to choose an Outer Reef Pontoon is based on the location your are staying! Really is it that easy! Yep! If you are staying Port Douglas then most definitely visit the Outer Barrier Reefs with Quicksilver. If you are staying in Cairns you have 3 more options. Read the full article here to help you decide - Outer Reef Pontoons & Semi-Submarine Day Trips.


  • What makes snorkeling Cape Tribulation, Green Island, Pontoons Outer Reef Spots unique?
    A great question, to answer this correctly we really do recommend to read the full article. You should walk away with a clear understanding what to expect on each of the options mentioned above. Read the full article - Cape Tribulation, Green Island, Pontoons Outer Reef Spots.


  • Quicksilver Vs Reef Magic Vs Sunlover Vs Great Adventures
    One of the main differences between these Cairns Pontoon operators in the location in which they are based. Some travel 65klm offshore from Port Douglas others only 45klm from Cairns. To rally understand the difference read the full article here - Quicksilver Vs Reef Magic Vs Sunlover Vs Great Adventures.