Norman Reef Pontoon Cairns – Things to do!

Norman Reef Pontoon Cairns.


A large pontoon is moored permanently at Norman Reef, it is located a total distance of 59.56 km or (37.01 mi) from Cairns city North Queensland Australia. Travel to Norman Reef Pontoon is by Great Adventures large 3 story twin catamaran. The journey takes approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes to arrive departing from Cairns. This 3 story floating platform offers many features including an underwater observatory, semi-submarines, snorkeling equipment. It is also fitted with freshwater showers, change rooms, fully sheltered main auditorium, and upper sun deck.


Semi-submarine’s are a boat with a very deep hull that can accommodate up to 14 passengers. The Norman Reef pontoon has 1 x semi-submarine located in the picture above attached to the right-hand side of the pontoon with a little blue roof. Passengers board the semi-submarine, walk down 5 stairs and sit in comfortable seating looking out to the Great Barrier Reef from behind large glass panels. Semi-submarine tours typically take around 40 minutes to complete. They offer a glimpse into the underwater world of the Great Barrier Reef.


A large underwater observatory is located 1 flight of stairs underneath the pontoon. A set of stairs takes you down under the surface of the water to view the Great Barrier Reef from behind large glass panels. From here you can watch many marine fish species going about their daily life on the Great Barrier Reef. The underwater observatory also offers a glimpse into the life of a scuba diver. Watch people trying a first-time scuba dive underwater.


Travelers can enjoy snorkeling from the Norman Reef Pontoon. All snorkel equipment like the mask, fins, snorkel and lycra suits (A thin body suit from sun protection and marine stingers) are stored on the pontoon. Once the Great Adventures boat docks alongside the pontoon all passengers can disembark the boat and find a comfortable seat on the pontoon. From here collect the snorkeling equipment, lycra suit and even pool noodles and life jackets are provided. Entering the water is easy from the semi-submerged snorkel platform. Take 4 or 5 steps down to the platform, put on your snorkel gear and start snorkeling all over the reef.


Lunch is served from the onboard kitchen, much of the cooking and preparation is done on land back in Cairns and brought out to the pontoon fresh each day. Morning and afternoon tea is provided on the boat on the way to and from the Great Barrier Reef.


The Norman Reef pontoon is large, stable and suitable for all types of people. Great for those that enjoy swimming and snorkeling, great for people who do not wish to enter the water, great for families with small children as there are many other things to do like Semi-submarines and underwater observatories to keep children entertained and happy.

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