Port Douglas Reef Tours

Port Douglas Reef Tours

Port Douglas offers visitors a chance to relax in a tropical seaside town. Port Douglas is located a 45-minute drive North of Cairns. Relax and enjoy the 4-mile beach, a beach studded with large coconut Palm Trees. Port Douglas town center offers fine dining, 5-star hotels, shopping, luxury resorts and golf clubs.

Reef tours to the Great Barrier Reef depart from the Port Douglas Reef Marina. With free car parking at the marina all day and located only a 5-minute drive from most Port Douglas Hotels. Most reef tour operators offer free bus transfers from a Port Douglas hotel.

Joining a reef tour from Port Douglas offers passengers the chance to visit the Agincourt Ribbon reef systems. The ribbon reefs are a collection of hundreds of smaller reefs located on the edge of the continental shelf of Australia. Where the Great Barrier Reef meets the Coral Sea.

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Quicksilver Cruises Port DouglasQuicksilver Outer Reef Pontoon

The only outer reef pontoon from Port Douglas.

Agincourt Reef!

Silversonic reef cruisesSilversonic Day Boat

Silversonic visits 3 outer reef locations from Port Douglas. Excellent Dives!

Dive Agincourt Reef!

Mike Ball Dive BoatMike Ball Dive Expeditions

Famous liveaboard dive operator in Cairns.

Cod Hole & Coral Sea!

Poseidon Dive BoatPoseidon Dive Day Boat Diving

3-Cert Dives in the one day on the Agincourt Reefs.

Guided Dives!

Aqua Quest Dive Boat Port DouglasAqua Quest Port Douglas

TWIN Hull fast Catamaran, Dive & Snorkel

Nitrox Available!

Reef Encounter LiveaboardReef Encounter

Multishare rooms, private TWIN & Double bedrooms.

3-Dives in a Day!

Wavedancer Boat Low IslesWave Dancer Low Isles

TWIN Hull vessel sail to Low Isles.

Great Crew!

Spirit Of Freedom Liveaboard Dive BoatSpirit Of Freedom

Coral Sea Osprey Reef Shark Diving, TWIN & Private Double Rooms

Osprey Reef & Coral Sea

Pro-Dive CairnsPro-Dive Liveaboard

TWIN Rooms, great reef sites on Flynn, Milne and Pellowe Reefs.

Awesome Diving!

Port Douglas Reef Tours, How to Choose?

How to choose a reef tour from Port Douglas!

Now if your looking thru all the different Port Douglas Reef Tours and are wondering which is the best reef tour option for you and your family or friends, then you need to ask your self some simple questions.

Can you swim? If the answer is no then it is simple you need to choose a floating platform Pontoon or an Island experience. The floating platforms have Semi-Submarines, Glass Bottom Boats, Underwater Observatories and Snorkeling facilities. This is great if you are a non-swimmer because it allows you to get up close and personal to the reef without getting wet. Visit Quicksilver Cruises Outer Barrier Reef Pontoon for the ultimate day on the Outer Barrier Reef.

If you can swim then you should choose from one of the many snorkel / dive day boats that depart Port Douglas marina on a daily basis. For beautiful snorkeling and even diving look at either Poseidon Outer Barrier Reef Cruises or Silversonic Dive & Snorkel. These 2 boats are absolutely the best 2 boats that operate out of Port Douglas. Why? Its simple the reef permits that both of these boats have allow them the largest selection of reef sites, therefore the greater opportunity to choose the very best reef sites on any given day. Perfect for snorkeling with large drop down steps on the back of the boats, this gives you easy access in and out of the water. Both boats Poseidon & Silversonic visit 3 sites in a day. That means you get over 1.5 hours at 3 different reef sites on the Agincourt Ribbon Reefs.

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