Outer Reef Pontoons & Semi-Submarines

Outer Reef Pontoons & Semi-Submarine Day Trips

Outer Reef pontoons and semi-submarine day trips offer a convenient way to explore the Great Barrier Reef without getting wet or having to swim. Also good for people who like to swim and snorkel.

Outer reef pontoons and semi-submarines offer great value for money when you look at all the activities that are included in the ticket price, i.e. snorkeling, semi-submarines, glass bottom boats & underwater observatories.

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Quicksilver Cruises Port DouglasQuicksilver $266.00

Departing from Port Douglas, please make your own way.

Includes: Semi Submarine

Moore Reef pontoon by Reef Magic.Reef Magic $239.00

Snorkel, lunch, semi-submarine, glass bottom boat, great for families.

Great for Families

TUSA Dive $215.00

Roaming reef permit, unguided diving! Good for photographers.

3rd Dive FREE

Sunlover Cruises Boat CairsSunlover Cruises $229.00

The newest outer reef pontoon in Cairns.

Cairns Newest Pontoon!

Green Island on the Great Barrier Reef.Green Island + Outer Reef Pontoon $256.00

Visit Green Island + Outer Reef Pontoon!

Green Island + Outer Reef!

Ocean Spirit Cruises Cairns Australia.Ocean Spirit $206.00

Visit Michaelmas Cay, tropical sand cay with beautiful beaches.

Ultimately Relaxing!

Great Adventures PontoonGreat Adventures $236.00

Visit the Outer Reef Pontoon at Norman Reef!

Departs at 10:30am!

Silverswift Dive $226.50

The only day boat in Cairns to visit 3 outer reef locations.

3 Reef Sites!

Silversonic reef cruisesSilversonic $240.00

Silversonic visits 3 outer reef locations from Port Douglas. Excellent Dives!

Dive Agincourt Reef!

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Outer Reef pontoons are good for people who do not swim or if you have friends and family that may enjoy snorkeling while one family member or friend may not swim. The non-swimmer can enjoy the many other activities provided on the pontoon. These include semi-submarine tours, glass bottom boats and underwater viewing observatories.

Outer reef pontoons and semi-submarines are also good for people who get sea sick. The large transfer vessels that take you to and from the reefs, and the large stable nature of the pontoons themselves make exploring the outer barrier reef on a pontoon a good option for people who get sea sick.

Who offers Outer Reef Pontoons & Semi-Submarine Day Trips?

The following companies offer Outer Reef Pontoons & Semi-Submarines day trips to the Great Barrier Reef.

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