Family Friendly Great Barrier Reef Tours

Family Friendly Great Barrier Reef Tours

Welcome to Family friendly Great Barrier Reef tours. In this section, we have hand-picked the day tour operators that we think offer the best possible experience when you are traveling with your family. These family-friendly Great Barrier Reef tours cater for small families 2-adults + 2-children to groups of family members traveling together. Mum, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, Children and even Grand Children.

Traditionally, most reef tour companies offer a family price. This is usually 2 x Adults + 2 x Children. Most companies the child age needs to be between 4-14 years old. Younger than this they are usually free, but older than this they are classed as an adult.

Still confused?  Let us help you find the perfect reef tour for you and your family.

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Silverswift Dive $234.00

The only day boat in Cairns to visit 3 outer reef locations.

3 Outer Reef Sites!

Moore Reef pontoon by Reef Magic.Reef Magic $249.00

Snorkel, lunch, semi-submarine, glass bottom boat, great for families.

Great for Families

TUSA Dive $215.00

Roaming reef permit, unguided diving! Good for photographers.

3rd Dive FREE

Ocean Spirit Cruises Cairns Australia.Ocean Spirit $206.00

Visit Michaelmas Cay, tropical sand cay with beautiful beaches.

Beautiful Sandy Cay Luxury!

Sunlover Cruises Boat CairsSunlover Cruises $249.00

The newest outer reef pontoon in Cairns.

Cairns Newest Pontoon!

Great Adventures PontoonGreat Adventures $274.00

Visit Green Island + The Outer Barrier Reef!

Green Island + Reef!

Quicksilver Cruises Port DouglasQuicksilver $266.00

Departing from Port Douglas, Free bus transfers from Cairns.

The Ultimate Reef Tour!

Green Island on the Great Barrier Reef.Green Island $102.00

Includes snorkel equipment or a glass bottom boat tour.

Half Day or Full Day!

Silversonic reef cruisesSilversonic $253.00

Silversonic visits 3 outer reef locations from Port Douglas. Excellent Dives!

Dive Agincourt Reef!

Inner Reefs

The Inner Reefs Explained

The closest part of the reef is located 26klm offshore from Cairns. It is commonly known as the inner reef, it's worth a visit for families with small children or if your not too keen on swimming. The most accessible Island is called Green Island. With all the facilities of the mainland on the Island, Green Island is a great place to start your adventures exploring the Great Barrier Reef.

Outer Reefs
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Overnight Trips
Live Aboard Dive Trips

Overnight Live Aboard Dive Trips from Cairns:

Another way to experience the Great Barrier Reef is to stay overnight on a Liveaboard Snorkel / Dive Boat.

Cairns Liveaboard Dive Trips offer all types of accommodation like multi-share rooms (3 beds in one room) or private TWIN share rooms with private bathrooms. There are also luxury liveaboards with private double bedrooms with private bathrooms.

Most liveaboards offer chef-prepared meals and all snorkel gear. First-time introductory scuba diving packages and certified scuba diving packages can also be pre-arranged.

Remember to try any form of scuba diving you must be medically fit with no asthma and not be taking any prescription medication.

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Children Playin on the Beach Cairns

Family Friendly Reef Tours from Cairns & Port Douglas.

There are many fantastic Cairns Family Reef Tours. If you are wanting to visit the Great Barrier Reef from both Cairns & Port Douglas, the general rule of thumb is if you are staying at a Cairns hotel then visit the reefs from Cairns, and same goes if you are staying at a hotel in Port Douglas then visit the reefs from Port Douglas.

With children, it does depend on their ability to swim. If they can swim a little bit and you think they will be comfortable in the water than do one of the Outer Barrier Reef cruises to one of the floating pontoon like Great Adventures Outer Barrier Reef or if it is within your budget and you really want the ultimate day out on the Great Barrier Reef, choose the Quicksilver Outer Barrier Reef Cruise.

Did you know the Great Barrier Reef lays only 26klm offshore from Cairns. You can access the Great Barrier Reef from either Cairns or Port Douglas. Both locations are spectacular areas of the Great Barrier Reef, remember the reef is over 2800klm long so there are many places to see the reef.

Both locations are spectacular and I always stress to people choose a reef trip based on your location. So if you are staying in Port Douglas than by all means really think about doing a reef trip from Port Douglas because you do not need to travel all the way to Cairns to visit the Reef.

There are spectacular areas of the Great Barrier Reef, remember the reef is over 2800klm long so there are many places to see the reef. Both offer excellent opportunities to enjoy Great Barrier Reef tours.

Which Family Reef Trips are Cheaper in Cairns?

Generally speaking, day boats visiting the reefs from Cairns are cheaper, this is due to more competition and day tour options for people staying in the Cairns area. Please note there are also allot of hotel options for families in Cairns so it could be worth shopping around for a great family hotel package in the Cairns Area. Number one you will save money on your accommodation and number two you can get cheaper reef trips from the Cairns Tour Operators.

What if I'm staying at The Northern Beaches:

If you are staying at one of the Northern beaches from Cairns then both options are available weather to travel North to Port Douglas and visit the reefs or drive down to Cairns and visit the reefs from there. Allot of the tour companies do offer bus transfers, you just have to let us know when booking your tours if you would like a bus transfer.

Traveling with Children how to get the family rate:

Families traveling with children are at an advantage when looking for a reef tour because most operators offer 1 child free when booking as a family unit which generally consists of (2 x Adults 2 x Children). Please note in general a child is classed from the ages of 4 - 14 years old. Also infant aged 3 years and younger are also generally free.