Milla Milla Falls Atherton Tablelands North Queensland Australia

Atherton Waterfalls, Rainforest, Paronella Park, Lake Barrine & Lunch


$189.00 Rainforest, Waterfalls, Paronella Park (Adult) Includes: Hot & Cold Buffet Lunch, (No Boat Cruise) 7:30am 6:15pm $189.00
$139.00 Rainforest, Waterfalls, Paronella Park (Child) Includes: Hot & Cold Buffet Lunch, Boat Cruise 7:30am 6:15pm $139.00
$569.00 Rainforest, Waterfalls, Paronella Park (Family) Includes: Hot & Cold Buffet Lunch, Boat Cruise 7:30am 6:15pm $569.00


  • Child Age is 4-14 Years Old.
  • Full day tour Includes Paronella Park, Lunch, Devonshire Tea, Boat Cruise on Lake Barrrine, afternoon light refreshments.
  • Family is classed as 2 x Adults + 2 x Children


[su_note note_color="#edede9"]Atherton Waterfalls & Rainforest Tour: Paronella Park[/su_note]


  • Milla Milla WaterFalls.
  • Italian Style Buffet Lunch.
  • Famous Paronella Park Spanish Castle.
  • Guided Rainforest Walks
  • Swimming at Babinda Boulders.
  • Return Cairns Hotel Transfers.
  • Senior Experienced Driver Guide.
  • Entry & up to 2-hour stay at Paronella Park
  • Includes a 45 min Historical Guided Tour
  • Chinese & Japanese tours available.
  • Fully guided commentary & cruise at Lake Barrine Crater Lake
  • Delicious all you can eat Hot Buffet lunch at Roscoe's Piazza Innisfail.
  • Devonshire Morning Tea
  • Visits to all destinations
  • National Park Fees


[su_note note_color="#edede9"]OPERATES: Daily | DEPARTS: 7:30am | RETURNS: 6:15pm | MEALS: Yes BUFFET | TRANSFERS: Yes[/su_note]


Mill Milla Waterfalls Atherton Tablelands Tour

Atherton Tablelands, Milla Milla Waterfalls, Beautiful Lake Barrine Morning Tea Boat Cruise, Curtain Fig Tree & Paronella Park!

The heart of the Atherton Tablelands is another World Heritage Listed National Park called Wooroonooran National Park. Sitting on the edge of this magnificent elevated rainforest is the beautiful Lake Barrine Tea House. Enjoy morning tea before a 45 min boat cruise on this Volcanic Crater Lake.

Next on the tour, we visit the Curtain Fig Tree, this is a phenomenal parasite fig that has taken over its host tree to create a magnificent waterfall like tree structure. Beautiful boardwalks lead by an experienced senior driver guide you learn about this ancient elevated Rainforest. The Curtain Fig tree has featured in the Australian Tourism commercials shown around the World.


Boat Cruises Lake Barrine

Did you know? The Atherton table lands sit at an elevation of 700m, this creates a unique tropical climate that differs from Cairns and the Coastal Rainforests. A slightly cooler climate hosts different species of animals like Tree Kangaroos, Blue King Fisher, Platypus & Possums!

After a knowledgeable walk thru the Rainforest its now time for lunch! No day tour is complete without a stop at the famous Rocco's Italian restaurant in Innisfail, a beautiful Italian style buffet with a large variety of foods to cater to all tastes. Even Vegetarian options are available.

It's now time to visit the famous heritage listed Paronella Park! An ancient Castle built in the thick rainforest West of Innisfail! This was a dream from a gentleman named José Paronella. Completed in the 1930's this was an achievement itself to build a beautiful Castle in the rainforest for his bride to be. There is allot more to the story but we won't ruin it by explaining it all here, you will learn the amazing finer details on the tour!


Paronella Park Castle in the Jungle

Did you Know? On 24 July 2010, a theater production, The Impossible Dream was launched at Shangri-La Hotel, The Marina, Cairns. The Impossible Dream is based on the true story of José and his bride Margarita

After you guided walk around Paronella Park its time to make your way to the beautiful Babinda Boulders, here you can enjoy a swim in the middle of a beautiful creek system. There is a local Aboriginal story based on these Boulders, you will learn about this on the tour! There is also another day night tour where can visit Paronella park by sunset and then come back explore it at night, a unique experience this tour is called the Paronella Park day night tour.

What a day you really will have the sense of achievement after a day visiting the beautiful Atherton Tablelands. With so much history, natural beauty and fantastic knowledge from the driver guides who by the way have extensive knowledge of the region. You will be able tick the box you have seen the Fantastic Atherton Tablelands West from Cairns in Australia.

[su_note note_color="#edede9"]WHAT TO BRING:[/su_note]

• Print out your travel ticket and make sure to bring it with you.

• Bring your swimwear, backpack, ipod, camera, sunscreen, hat & towel.

[su_note note_color="#edede9"]EXTRAS & ADD-ONS: [/su_note]

• There are no Extras or Add-Ons with this tour.
(Just bring your towel, comfortable clothes, your camera and a big smile.)

[su_note note_color="#edede9"]INCLUDED IN YOUR DAY:[/su_note]

  • Departs Cairns at 7:10am from your hotel.
  • Small personalized tour with informative guide.
  • Volcanic Crater Lake Barrine with Morning Boat Cruise.
  • Morning Devonshire Tea Freshly bakes at Lake Barrine Teahouse.
  • 1000 year old twin Kauri Pine Trees, A short Walk near Lake Barrine.
  • Giant Curtain Figtree, Tree Kangaroo spotting.
  • Milla Milla Waterfalls, the most famous waterfalls.
  • Crawfords Lookout and the famous Paronella Park.

[su_note note_color="#edede9"]VIDEO & PHOTOS BELOW:[/su_note]

Make sure to bring your camera/video camera along, you will get amazing shots of the Atherton Region. See the video below to give you an idea.

[su_lightbox src="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xR4P2qNwlmY"][su_button] Watch Atherton Waterfalls Rainforest Video [/su_button][/su_lightbox]