Cairns Sunset

Cairns Sunset

Well its been about 5 weeks of rain and high wind so Cairns has had some pretty crazy weather for the month of May. But that all changed today, wow! today there was not a single cloud in the sky,  just total blue skies and sunshine just amazing! I posted a few photos on our facebook wall first thing this morning and now this afternoon. June is typically the time of year we a blessed by the sun gods and blue skies and light sea breezes can be had for the next 6 months!

Watching this amazing Cairns Sunset today got me thinking about the past few weeks gone bye, it got me thinking about the ocean, our environment and our tourism industry. It has come to my attention there have been a bunch of changes in the tourism industry, lots of information has been posted in our local newspaper The Cairns Post.

Just recently the reef cruise company Quicksilver have really made some heavy investments into the Cairns Tourism economy.  Quicksilver do a fantastic job of really working in with the local community and spending lots of money on  international marketing to help people learn and understand about this beautiful part of the world, Cairns The Great Barrier Reef, North Queensland Australia.

A few of there most recent activities where to buy Ocean Spirit Cruises, one of the nicest sailing boats that visits the beautiful bird sanctuary of Michaelmas Cay here in Cairns. Now this might not mean much to the average punter but this is a fantastic investment to the future of Cairns, showing people that tourism is here to stay. With environmentally safe practices and working in with the local communities to create jobs and really help to advance Cairns. Quicksilver are showing a huge commitment to Cairns & The Great Barrier Reef region. It gives the whole Cairns community a positive spirit to show that tourism is hear with us now and along way into the future.

So as the sun is setting and I look back at the week that was, I think to myself wow what a wonderful world we are blessed to be in Cairns The Great Barrier Reef Australia.

Cairns Sunset

Clint Carroll

Clint Carroll - Chief Travel writer and Scuba Diving enthusiast at Cairns Tour Info. Follow him on Twitter.

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