Cairns Reef Tour Companies

Cairns Reef Tour Companies

There are about 45 different Cairns Reef Tour Companies and to be honest! They are all so professional and well respected thru out Australia that when your trying to choose which one you should spend your money with, really you cannot go wrong with any of them.

I often tell my client to stand at the brochure board put a blind fold on and throw a dart at the board. Which ever brochure the dart lands on, go on it! You will have a super special day with all the reef tour operators, and do you want to know why?

They are all visiting the Great Barrier Reef, they all have different reef permits so they go to different areas of the reef. So for example if you lived in Cairns and loved visiting the Great Barrier Reef it is worth going with every single different reef tour operator. Why? You get to see way more of the reef. Every company has its own special spot that they meticulously look after, the crew are super happy and try to offer the best possible service available.

Reef tour operators pay large amounts of money to own a reef tour permit, they cannot afford to have a boggy boat with sloppy service and dodgy crew! They would be out of business in a flash! Its is very expensive to do business here in Australia and this reflects in the ticket price!

If you have to pay a massive fee for your reef permit each year, then huge insurance premiums, massive fuel bills and staff wages and food, then maintenance and running cost, you will soon start to under stand why a ticket to the outer reef doesn’t give you much change from $200 Auzzie dollars.

But with modern times people want fast efficient boats clean tidy crew and fantastic lunch and equipment, so all of this comes at a price which the consumer will have to pay for.

But aside from the price point the reef is amazingly spectacular! there are so many hidden gems out there you really cannot see it all in one life time! let along one day our on the reef.

So the next time your thinking about a Cairns Reef Tour put some thought into what goes on behind the scenes, it is only then that you will really truly appreciate the massive good fortune you have to be able to go and see the largest living reef system in the world!

Happy travels 🙂

Clint Carroll

Clint Carroll - Chief Travel writer and Scuba Diving enthusiast at Cairns Tour Info. Follow him on Twitter.

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